the toasted bean



Burnt toast – Absolutely revolting

I’ve never been one to enjoy the smell of burnt toast, in all honesty I am a proud member of the ‘lightly warmed’ bread club (along with other breakfast favourites such as runny eggs, just cooked bacon and lathering everything in butter).

Dad, on the other hand, always manages to burn his toast.

Like annihilate it.

Send it to the depths of hell kinda burnt.

The amusing part is, I don’t actually think he enjoys it that way, he is just plain rubbish at the whole timing your toast malarky (poor bugger).

Lately the daily assault of dad’s scorched toast has been having a rather unpleasant affect, the kind where I want to die. It seeps through the whole house like a creepy unwelcome guest, getting his grimy little hands on everything.

I have been extremely lucky throughout my pregnancy, I have had NO morning sickness, and I have managed to keep my stomach contents IN so far. But let me tell you now, the smell of burnt toast has been a sure contender on the vomit scale.

Definitely NOT a fan, burnt toast can go and jump!


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