the munchy bean


I cannot begin to tell you how eternally hungry I have been over the past few days.

So hungry in fact, I am sure that if I were to wander into a paddock by accident, I would be wrangled, dipped and tagged along with all of my fellow grazing bovine.

I’ve totally given up on the 3 meals a day malarkey I have followed for my whole life, now I have just set up camp in the kitchen, within easy reaching distance of the fridge, pantry and appliances (both efficient and necessary).

If it smells, looks or tastes good . . . it has a high chance of being eaten

Who am I kidding, if its even remotely edible it is definitely a goner

I even looked at our lovely chooks the other day and thought “well don’t you ladies look delicious” (RELAX, I settled for the fresh eggs instead, the girls are safe . . . for now, haha)

Please, for the love of lasagne . . . SEND FOOD!



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