The Cramped Bean

Active baby

Oh little Bean, please stop jamming your feet in my ribs

My mini man seems to be running out of space, I’ve never felt so full in my life. It feels like I have spent the entire day grazing at an all you can eat buffet, and by grazing I mean face-planting giant platters of food . . . yet, I am forever hungry (mind boggles)

My mobility and range of movement is very limited, I feel somewhat like a giant beach ball with itty bitty arms and legs.

I find myself counting down the seconds until I can get into bed purely so I can stretch out as long as possible and free my poor ribs from the constant assault from his sweet little feet

The couch isn’t a comfortable space anymore, and the floor is an absolute no-go zone – in the fear that if I were to successfully get my fat ass down there, I would be forced to live the remainder of my pregnancy right there on the rug – there aint no coming back from getting down that low

Hoping and praying that I stretch a little bigger (never thought I would say that) so Bean has some more space to play, and I get a little slice of relief


The Relocated Bean

Moving day

After the craziest wedding week, it was now time to move house . . . . no rest for the wicked, they say.

I knew moving house was not going to be easy pregnant, but man did I have no idea how truly tiring it would be. Up and down those stairs a million times in a day, my poor fat little legs felt like spaghetti by the end of it.

Honestly ladies, if you can AVOID moving whilst pregnant, by all means avoid it. The mental side of things was fine, keeping the stress levels down was easy (especially considering I don’t have the token know-it-all boyfriend trying to run the show), but the most annoying and frustrating element is not being able to carry or move anything – I felt absolutely useless.

Couldn’t move furniture, couldn’t lift boxes, couldn’t even pick things up off the floor, haha.

I’m sure it will take me the next week to gradually unpack and sort everything

The up-side . . .  my nesting vibes are finally getting the workout they have been begging for for the past few months


The Wedding Bean

Well, what can I say . . . It was truly magical to see my darling little sister marry her love. I feel so blessed to have shared this day with our family (and now the addition of our official extended family).

Yes, it rained (heavily), but there was no way that the rain could dampen the love and the spirits of our nearest and dearest. Hayley looked absolutely stunning (as we all knew she would), even when totally soaked down to the bones.

It was a full-on day for me, as Maid of Honour, but my little side-kick bean was such an excellent help . . . we laughed, we cried (ALOT, couldn’t help it), we ate, we danced, we loved. It was an amazing day celebrating our favourite couple, now better known as ‘The Maguires’


Little Bean and I love you to the moon and back xx

wedding - photo booth

The Busy Bean



It is officially the week of the Colhoun/Maguire wedding extravaganza and boy oh boy are we busy little beans. There is no time to get pregnant tired this week!

Dress fittings, hair, waxing, brows, lashes, facials, mani, pedi, and everything in-between, what a whirlwind of wedding preparations.

Thankfully, I feel fantastic. Not sure if this is down to the extreme excitement, or just because my little bean is so very kind to me, but man am I grateful.

the zen bean


I took Bean for a yoga class this morning and it was glorious.

I love a bit of yoges at the best of times, but there is something quite magic that happens, when you are pregnant, during yoga where you feel a direct connection with your baby. I truly recommend it to every mama to be.

There were a few moments of wobbling (balance isn’t my strongest suit at the moment) and awkward fat mama stretching and lots of deep breathing . . . all of which I was in desperate need of.

I left feeling amazing and refreshed, not to mention totally in love with my chubby pregnant body

What an awesome way to spend a Sunday morning with my little Bean. There will definitely be more yoga in my immediate future

namaste  xx

the squeaky bean


So, I’m sitting on my bed checking my emails and the most god-awful smell envelops the room . . .

Its just me and the cat

no noise, no inkling of the impending nasal assault, nothing

I looked at Teddie (the cat), his little face all screwed up in a mixture of pain, disgust and pure confusion. My little sweet boy has never been known to let go of the occasional kitty fart, which made me wonder . . .

Has it happened? Have I reached that dreaded point in pregnancy where you loose all control over bodily functions?

Am I a walking fart bomb waiting to happen???

I didn’t have any gurgling, no internal ruckus, no rumbling in the jungle, I didn’t feel a single thing. Did this happen without my knowledge completely?? Have I lost all connection to my bumhole? Have my guts turned against me?

We’ve all seen it take place in the odd rom-com where the heavily pregnant woman farts and clears the room of all living things, followed by the token “the baby farted” excuse. Ahhhh, Hollywood.

Please god don’t let me be that woman!

Uncontrollable farts (and my belly button turning into an outie, don’t laugh, its a serious fear I’m dealing with) are literally the two most horrifying pregnancy related thoughts that have crossed my mind since discovering I was going to be a mama. Honestly, what could be more embarrassing??

I don’t want to be the stinky one 😦

For now I’m just sticking to ‘it was the cat’ and giving myself the benefit of the doubt, to be honest I guess we won’t ever really know if whom smelt it had indeed dealt it, but we can be 100% sure that the silent ones are the deadliest.

the cold sore bean

bag head 2

Bloody immune system . . . I woke up this morning with 2 great big dirty cold sores on my face. Not cool body, not cool.

So, I’ve been hiding out like the hunchback of Notre Dame, slinking around in the shadows of our house.

The worst bit is that I just have to tough it out, not allowed any antivirals, no creams, no nothing. Just got to deal with the itchy, inflamed and undeniably hideous face with which I’ve been dealt.

God I hope its over soon.

the mothers day bean

MD Balloon


to all you gorgeous mamas out there!!

This year to celebrate Bean and I took my gorgeous mama out for a lovely breakfast at The Cedar Bar & Kitchen in Bellingen.

It was nice to have 2 & 1/2 generations sitting at the table this mothers day.

My gorgeous family even got me a surprise ‘almost a mum’ mothers day gift, haha, totally unexpected and absolutely magic ❤

Its nice to think that next year I will have my very first Mothers Day with my very own little man 🙂

Can’t wait!

the housed bean

Processed with VSCO

We did it! We found a rental, and just in the nick of time 🙂

I cannot begin to explain the relief I feel, knowing we will be moving into our own little home next month.

All good things coming for us little Bean, I am so very excited.